How to fix muscle imbalance
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How to fix muscle imbalance

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If you want to enter in the bodybuilding world or you have started doing weight training exercises then you must do a self assesment of your body and check if you have muscle imbalances and if not corrected in the begining then in the long run you will have body joint pain and may get injured while doing exercises. 

You will not fill the body joint pain at younger age but it will give you more pain when you become old and at that time you dont have any option other then to take medications, since you cannot do exercises. 

Even a small percentage of muscle imbalances in your body can cause your entire body to be misaligned. This book will not only help you to identify the muscle imbalance but also helps you in fixing it. Written in very simple language so that anybody can understand.

If you are a Personal trainer or a physiotheripst and want to solve posture or muscle imbalance issues of your Clients this book will help you for sure. once you know the science behind how human body works and you will be able to decode the posture and muscle imbalnce issues of your clients.


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